A Girl and Her Dog

You've heard of "a boy and his dog" stories, but what about a corresponding genre of "a girl and her dog?" Hmm? Here's a start at a list. It is oriented towards middle- and young-adult- readers, with some accessible adult literature included.

Early & Middle Readers

Baker, Charlotte
The Green Poodles
Blyton, Enid
The Famous Five ...a popular series
Decamillo, Kate
Because of Winn-Dixie
Dickinson, Peter
Chuck and Danielle ...whippet
Hall, Lynn
Shy Ones
Others, e.g. The Soul of the Silver Dog and Lynn Hall's Dog Stories
Little, Jean
Mine for Keeps

Middle & Young-Adult

Benary-Isbert, Margot (translated from German)
Wicked Enchantment ...Kerry blue terrier
The Ark
Cavanna, Betty
Going on Sixteen ...collie
The Black Spaniel Mystery
Finney, Patricia
I, Jack ...told from the dog's (yellow lab) perspective
Hathorn, Libby
Nix, Garth
Lirael (Abhorsen Trilogy) and Abhorsen ...the last two books in a fanatasy trilogy, featuring the Disreputable Dog (really an enchanted being in dog form).

Young-Adult and Adult

Benjamin, Carol Lea
A crime series, about a female detective and her pit-bull, e.g. This Dog for Hire (Rachel Alexander & Dash Mysteries)
Berenson, Laurie
Also a mystery series, usually involving show dogs, e.g., Dog Eat Dog (Melanie Travis Mysteries)
Barbara Cohen and Louise Taylor
Dogs and Their Women ...non-fiction stories
Conant, Susan
Holly Winter crime series, about a detective and her Alaskan malamutes, e.g. Black Ribbon
Crisp, Terri
Out of Harm's Way ...non-fiction account of rescuing pets following natural disasters
Lanier, Virginia
Crime series featuring Jo Beth Sidden and her bloodhounds, e.g., A Bloodhound To Die For
Whittemore, Hank
So That Others May Live ...non-fiction story of Caroline Hebard, who pioneered search-and-rescue work using German sheperds.
20 February, 2005