a selected Webliography
for middle-schoolers and above

The technical level of many Web sites on dreaming exceeds that of most children. Hardly any are accessible to kids under twelve (although anybody can look at dream-inspired art). The following links generally should interest a youth (teen-ager) interested in dreaming. The site listings hilight the most youth-friendly, non-commercial pages from the site.

by Site

The Association for the Study of Dreams: ASD


Dream Central

University of Montreal


by Subject

for Dreaming & Art, close your eyes now

for Dreaming & Pscyhology, curl up here

for Dreaming & Science, here's a handy pillow

Also interesting: the Discovery Channel released a series of three 1-hour videos on dreaming in tribal culture, but doesn't seem to sell them. It has some other information at its Sleep and Dreams Center.
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