Web Site FAQ

Q: Do you sell this stuff?
A: No, I don't sell this stuff.

Q: Can I search the database for certain conditions, like tolerance for drought?
A: Not over the Web.

Q: Can I search the database NOT over the Web?
A: Yes. First, get a Macintosh. Any model supporting color will work, including the $15 models at the Goodwill. Then download the application Edible Landscaping. Then see if you like it. Then decide you do, and pay the $15 shareware fee. It also has color pictures of all the plants.

Q: Are you as cool as you seem?
A: I am approximately two times cooler than I seem.

Q: What do the USDA zones in parantheses mean?
A: They indicate marginal zones, or zones only tolerable to selected cultivars.

Q: What do the numbers in brackets after a cultivar description mean?
A: They either refer to ideal USDA zones for the variety (if different from the average for the species), or to which variety will pollenize which. Look at the top of the variety list for the key.

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